After cycling in the Gold Country Century ride in Auburn on Saturday, there was only one thing I wanted. Pancakes. Light, fluffy, yummy, pancakes with maple syrup.

This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but because I’m still following my Bombshell Fitness meal/workout plan, I only get to have one cheat meal a week – which means I can’t eat all the food that I want, whenever I want it. This really sucks when you are a foodie like me.

Even my cheat meals are restricted to certain foods and certain portions because I guess they know that I would totally go over-board and eat everything I could in one meal if allowed. The good news is that pancakes are on my “acceptable” cheat meal list. But I’m are only allowed two (if Blogger would let me insert a sad face, it would be here.)

So on Saturday morning, I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:30 a.m., loaded my bike in the car and drove off to Auburn for the Gold Century ride. The whole time I wasn’t thinking about whether or not I would fall off my bike because of my stupid clips (still have not mastered them). I wasn’t thinking about how cold it was or whether it was going to rain on me. Nope. I was thinking about pancakes.

I biked up the 2300 feet of hills and covered 50 kilometers in 2.5 hours. It was hard work and it was cold…and windy. I hate biking in the wind. My legs were numb and I couldn’t feel my fingers. There were times towards the end when I was panting up hills and wondering if the top would ever arrive, but I made it — all because I knew that when I crossed the finish line, I would get to have pancakes.

And they were good. Just check out the photo. Aren’t they drool-worthy?

I’m sure my fitness trainer would cringe if she saw this, but I figure if I only get to have one cheat meal a week, I’m going to have the best, most decadent pancakes I can find – and in my neighborhood, these magic pancakes are at Orphan in East Sacramento.

No, they don’t have whipped cream or chocolate sauce on them or anything really junkie, but they do have blackberries and bananas. And they are just sooooo good. I savored every bite.

I’m sure I looked a mess sitting there by myself, all sweaty and still in my biking outfit. I also had major bad hair because of the bike helmet, but I didn’t care. I was having pancakes – and I deserved them.

I was a little good (only because my fitness competition is 33 days away), and left a quarter of my pancakes behind as I figure they are probably a little bigger than the average pancake.

But man…they were delicious. I may have to get them for my cheat meal again next week.