It’s five days until showtime and I’m starting to worry. I’ve booked my fake tan session, my hotel and pre-cooked my food. Everything is ready – except my body.

Last week my coach Shannon Dey told me my butt was still looking too flabby. I figured, whatever…once I get my professional show bikini, it will hide all those flaws.


I got my bikini Friday and guess what, it doesn’t hide anything. If anything, it enunciates the flaws. How can something so shiny and pretty make me look so bad?

So when Shannon told me I had to skip my weekly cheat meal of pancakes and do even more cardio, I was sad, but I listened. She was right. I need to work harder.

So far I’ve lost 6 pounds and 4 percent body fat.  I know, not exactly the big change you’ll see on the Biggest Loser, but my goal was more about “re-shaping” rather and losing weight.

So how do I look? You’ll have to wait and see because I’m not posting anything until I have the complete package ready – including the tan.