Tahoe Show 2011: Tammie, Angel, Me and Valerie

It’s show day! 

The best thing about show day is that I’ll get to see some of the girls I’ve met at previous shows. 

Training can be a solitude activity.  For the last few months, I’ve been getting up at 6 a.m. and doing a 1.5 hour workout, then rushing to work.  When I get home at 7 p.m. at night, I go to the gym and do another 1.5 hours of weights and cardio.  My friends respect what I do, but they have no interest in getting up early and working out like I do.  Besides, even if they were with me, it wouldn’t be fun for them. I have my iPod cranked and am focused on getting the most out of my workout.

Me, Valerie and Marjorie at the NPC Sacramento Show

So when I’m at a show, I’m reaping my rewards and chilling out — and so are all the other girls.  Finally, after all these months of working out and sweating in solitude, we’re surrounded by people who are just as driven as we are and just as determined.

Plus, every time I’m at one of these events, I meet someone new who blows me away.  This is because these women aren’t just driven to be best they can be at the show, but they are driven in their personal lives.  A number of them own their own businesses or are successful in other areas of their lives. 

It’s totally inspiring to be with them – and makes me feel normal. Finally, I’m with people who “get” me.

One of these people is Valerie Rush.

I met Valerie at the Tahoe Show and we hit it off.  A tall, leggy bombshell, Valerie has been competing for a year. She came in third at the Tahoe show and was competing with me at the Sacramento Show. 

But there’s more to her than just a great body.  In addition to busting her butt at the gym, she just opened a fitness studio called Vertical Fitness in Roseville.  I love that she’s doing this and am so proud of her for taking the chance and starting her own business.

This show I met another amazing woman.  Like Valerie, Marjorie Proffitt is self-employed.  The NPC Sacramento Show was her first show.  She told me her goal was win a trophy before her 40th birthday which was coming up this year. 

She pulled it off – coming in third in the Masters over 35 category.  Whoohoo!

I love my bikini masters girls. We rock!!