Inside my fridge

You don’t want to come over to my place for dinner, snacks or even breakfast, because apparently I have no “real” food.  At least that’s what my girlfriend told me when she came to visit for a weekend.

And she’s not the only one who complained. My boyfriend also whined about my lack of normal people food — especially as I don’t even drink coffee, any type of soda or keep any bad carbs in the house.

Don’t get me wrong. My fridge is full of food, but not food that people except me want to eat. 

There are egg whites, sweet potatoes, zucchinis, green peppers and lots of spinach and lettuce…and of course, tiny containers filled of cooked fish and chicken breast. No sauces. No seasonings. Just plain.

In fact, there’s hardly any space in there to put stuff it’s so full. There’s even a pineapple this week and a mango — although I wouldn’t eat that if I was you. It’s been there so long, it’s got wrinkles.

But there isn’t anything “bad” to eat. It seems even my organic peanut butter, which I consider a “cheat” snack is so healthy, it tastes bad. I did try to offer my guest my prunes and GU packets, but that didn’t go over well. 

Good thing I live in wine country and always have the emergency bottle in the house.  When you have nothing else, a little vino can go a long way to keeping non-NPC peeps happy. Might need to stock up again — just in case.

PS After having two grouchy guests two weekends in a row, I now do have both instant and regular coffee in my cupboard. I even bought a little French press coffee maker. I’m just not sure how to use it so don’t blame me if it tastes bad. And if you need sugar or cream…you better bring it yourself.