Me with Tammie and Valerie.

After meeting NPC competitor Valerie Wagner in August, I decided it was time to try her workout secret.  Why?  Well, in addition to having a killer body, she beat me both at the both the Tahoe and the Sacramento NPC show. And she deserved it both times as her abs, back, legs and shoulders are amazing.

Her secret? Going to the gym, working her butt off and eating well…blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, I do that too, but my shoulders are still tiny and pathetic.  Then I discovered her secret weapon — she owns a pole fitness studio in Roseville and teaches classes a few hours every week.   

Her studio is called Vertical Fitness Studio and she’s currently having a 30 days for $30 special so I had to take advantage of that.

If you haven’t done a pole class before you have to try it – because you are missing out big time.  First of all, it’s super fun. Secondly, it’s an incredible workout for your entire body.  Plus, instructors Valerie and Leia are patient and know how to make you feel comfortable doing even the most uncomfortable of poses.

Oh…and by the way, I’m now a little addicted to them. How addicted? Well, finally after all these months of being on FourSquare I am the mayor of something.  Yay!!  I’m the mayor of Vertical Fitness Studios. No, I’m not telling my mom. She’s still trying to adjust to the whole bikini NPC thing.

Anyway, I haven’t tried all the classes yet, but here’s what I did try:

1)      Lap dance class where you learn a little routine and then there was this optional handstand move that you need to see to believe.  It looked hard, but once you learn the trick, it’s not bad (also looks very hot and as if you’ve been doing this for years and not just an hour).

2)      Vertical Virgins which is the beginner class. We learned a couple of spins and some transition moves and then worked them into a routine.  There are also some muscle building and abs moves at the beginning of the class to help you develop your muscles.

3)      Vertical Velvets which is a little more advanced and you may not want to go to this one right away until you’ve gotten a little comfortable with the pole. Most of the moves in this class are climbing and hanging upside moves.  These are fun and I love them, but you will feel it in your arms and back the next day.  It also takes strong abs to invert your body.  But this class is definitely something to work towards – and it won’t take long until you’re ready to get there.

They also have a Strictly Stilettos class that I have not attempted yet, and they have shoes there for you to borrow in case you aren’t sure if you’ll like it.

No guys are allowed. And you can go in your normal workout clothes.  So what are you waiting for? I dare you to take my “mayorship” away from me!