Michelle Ponto and Tiffany Gaughan

The two weeks before a competition, I always feel isolated.  It doesn’t matter how supportive my friends are, my mind is focused on three things: working out, working out and working out.

But even though I complain (and am a bit of a bitch) those final weeks, l love the sport and how it challenges me.  And I really love the girls who compete with me.

I’m telling you, there are no girls like these girls. They are completely unique and wonderful.  Not only are they just as driven as I am, but we completely support each other.  It’s like we are bonded together in sweat and our resistance to chocolate cupcakes.

Plus, we help each other succeed.

Backstage the girls have fixed my makeup, glued my suit to my butt, tucked my breasts in my top when they weren’t behaving and lent me last-minute jewelry.  Even though we are competing together, each of us wants the other to succeed.


Marjorie Profitt and Michelle Ponto

And that’s just the beginning:

  • — Figure competitor Carrie Cocchi has given me posing tips.
  • — Figure/Bikini competitor Valerie Rush has fixed my hair last minute and in this last show lent me a bikini to wear.
  • — Bikini competitor Marjorie Proffitt has given me makeup tips and tips on where to get cheap bikinis made.
  • — Bikini competitor Tammie Sandigo has had her husband take photos of me from the stage as I never have friends attend (makes me nervous).

This time I owe special thanks to Tiffany Gaughan. Tiffany is a fellow Bombshell teammate, but until this past weekend we had never met in real life — only through Facebook.  But she came to my rescue the day before the show.

Here was my dilemna….all the makeup people for the Governor’s Cup were booked, but I only found out a week before the show that they couldn’t squeeze me in.  I know this sounds like a small thing, but after working so hard, the last thing you want is to look like poop…um…unprofessional…on stage.

The whole week I was in desperation mode. How in the world was I going to do my show makeup by myself? I have enough trouble applying my day-to-day makeup, let alone coming up with a glam stage look that matched my orange spray tan. Aaahhhh!

I started by calling all the makeup artists I knew in the Sacramento/Reno area, but they were already scheduled for out of town shows. I considered doing a crash makeup class with a professional artist to learn how to do it myself (but knew this would really suck with the lack of time I had). I thought about getting it done the day before and just not sleeping. Yes, I was considering ALL the options — even the bad ones.  

Then, in full desperation,  I put out a call on Facebook 48 hours before the show. Within minutes, my girls came through with help.  Valerie gave me the name of friend who did makeup who could maybe do it before the show.  This was hopeful – but I would be on my own during the show in case I needed touchups.  I could live with that. I just wouldn’t eat…or sweat…or touch my face.

Then Tiffany emailed.  She said that the girl who was doing her show makeup could do mine and possible touchups. Whew!!! 

I was saved. Plus…extra bonus…Tiffany and I would finally get to meet! Yay!!

Team Bombshell Rocks!!!