Toronto Super Show 2012

Here’s something you may not know. I may look like a California girl, but I’m Canadian.  I know. Shocker – especially as all my NPC Shows have been in the U.S.  That’s because I’ve been working here for the last 7 years.  

One of my NPC goals is to compete in my own country as a Canadian (or not — I’ll take whatever they will give me) and I was sure 2012 was going to be the year.

I have a wedding on June 2 in Toronto and the Toronto Super Show is June 1. Now tell me…how convenient is that? It’s like they looked at my calendar and said, “Hmmm….Michelle will be returning home for the first time in three years. Let’s make the show then just so she can compete.”

I was stoked when I found out.  I could fly into Toronto on May 31, get my spray tan done and then compete on June 1.  Then I could attend my girlfriend’s wedding and actually have a glass of wine and dinner without worrying about my diet. 

Plus, I would get to cross something off my bucket list. Bonus!!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the right forms on the website. I found the IFPP forms for the pros and the Ontario Provincial Championship forms for bikini non-pros, but nothing for NPC competitors like me.  Maybe I couldn’t compete – even with my Canadian citizenship. 

I emailed the show organizers. They responded within hours – and their answer was “Yes, I could compete”….and then I read the details.

In order to compete on June 1, I would need an Ontario address (okay, I could come up with that) and then compete in either the Sudbury or Mississauga show in May. AND I would have to win my division in that show.  From there I would qualify to compete in the OPA division in the June 1 Super Show.

So that’s two flights to Canada in less than 30 days (expensive) and a first place trophy?  Hmmm….I think the Super Show will need to wait until 2013.