2012 Nevada State NPC Show

2012 Nevada State NPC Show

It been a week and I’m going crazy not knowing when my next show will be. Sure I’m planning to do Tahoe on August 25, but that’s 3 months away.  I’m one of those people who are extremely goal driven so I always have to have some new challenge in the works.  My challenge this time: Do an out-of-state show.

I’ve been trying to do one all year, but since my first choice, the Canada Super Show, turned out to be a no-go, I’m back to square one and looking for someplace interesting that won’t cost me too much to get there.

Why out-of-state?  First of all it would be fun to travel to a show.  It would be like a mini-vacation.  But also, I’ll be competing against new competitors. 

If you’re new to NPC Shows, you’ll find after a while, you end up competing against the same girls for those top 5 spots over and over again.  While I love my competitors (many of us are now friends), it’s always fun to meet new women in the industry.  It’s also fun to compete against someone new.

After scrounging through the NPC calendar, I’ve decided to do the NPC Nevada State show in Reno.  It’s perfect. It’s out-of-state, it’s close AND it’s in a city I haven’t been before.  It’s also not as big as doing a show in Vegas, but a lot of the Vegas girls will be there as it’s close for them.

Totally excited!

Oh…and here’s another perk. The Grand Sierra Casino and Hotel has a country bar.  I’m not a big fan, but I haven’t been to a country bar since I left Texas 2.5 years ago.  I’m suddenly feeling a little nostalgic for the two-step.