Here’s a tip…if it’s your first show and you’re not sure if you’ll be doing more, buy your suit secondhand from another bikini girl – or rent it.  No one told me about these options when I first started and I ended up spending nearly $500 on a special order suit that I can’t wear because they made the top too small. I still can’t figure out how they took my DD measurements and turned them into an A cup.  Maybe they thought I would lose them during my training – but whatever. 

If I would have known I could have rented or bought a suit secondhand, I would have definitely done that.  In fact, because I still can’t squeeze my breasts into my expensive A cup bikini, I have been renting or buying used suits from other girls for every show I’ve been, too. 

My latest acquisition is a gorgeous blue suit that my friend Valerie wore once for a competition and said she won’t be wearing again as she’s got a new pink one.  She paid nearly $300, but she sold it to me for $100.  Yay!   She also came in first in that suit, so I consider it lucky.

However, we have different shaped bums.  Valerie has this great hard-as –a-rock ass that looks fantastic in everything.  I swear she could wear baggy granny panties and look hot. Me? I’m still working on it and doing hundreds of squats a day in hopes it will tighten up before my next show. 

Yes, there is a reason why I’m telling you this.  It’s because the suit Valerie had has a bottom that doesn’t work for my bum.

That’s where Jagware came to my rescue.  The owner of Jagware Posing Suits in Elk Grove is amazing and totally gets the craziness us girls have about our show suits.  I called her up, gave her the color and she told me to come on down.  With my show only 15 days away I was worried she wouldn’t have anything for me or it wouldn’t be ready in time, but that wasn’t the case.

Once there, she showed me a whole bunch of different bikini bottom styles – all in the same blue.  Some with lots of rhinestones, some a little plainer.  All I had to do was pick.

And you know what? Buying a new bottom was a lot cheaper than buying an entire suit – and it fits perfectly.