Skye Taylor and me

Wake-up, workout, pack lunch, go to work, workout again, go to bed and do it all again.

 This have been my life for the last year.  Don’t get me wrong. I love it and I love how strong I feel.  But I really needed to kick it up a notch to push myself to work harder.

And there is no better way to kick my butt into gear than a mega workout session with IFPP Pro Skye Taylor.

Plus, Skye lives in Vegas and you know what that means.  That’s right. Road trip!

After driving the 9 hours across the desert, I met Skye at her gym and she worked my saggy, lazy butt harder than it had been worked all year.  We did squats. We did leg presses. We did one-legged push downs. We did more squats (harder ones), and then we did even more.

The next day I couldn’t get out of bed without groaning. It was fabulous.

Oh…and here’s the inside scoop on Skye: She’s completely geniuine and a good person.  She’s also normal.  Yes, that’s right. Just like the rest of us, she cheats occasionally, she hurts at the end of her workouts and she even has to do more cardio than I do before a show (I won’t complain ever again).

I loved every second of my workout.  If you’re a fellow bombshell, call her for a training session. The cost is about the same as using a personal trainer at your own gym –so totally worth it.