With my NorCal tan glow.

Have I mentioned I hate the whole spray tan thing?  It’s torture.  You stand there naked and hungry the day before your show while a woman hoses you down with layer after layer of cold, stinky orange paint.  It’s kind of like being decontaminated by those people in white suits from infectious disease control — not that I’ve had that happened to me, but I watch enough TV to understand it’s not fun.

Then you have to stand freezing in front of a fan for a half hour to dry. And you have to do it naked.

After that, still feeling sticky, you go up to your room and try to sleep without moving…or sweating as it could crease or come off. I always screw up and end up sitting on the toilet, leaving a lovely orange ring around the seat.

That also means I have a white ring around my butt. Great.

Oh, and to top it off, you can’t shower the next day. Instead, you go back for more torture as you have to step inside the little tents and be re-sprayed the next morning.  It’s awful.

NorCal mini tent village

So when I arrived at the NPC Nevada show, I was prepared for the torture — and not looking forward to it. 

But it turns out, there is more than one way to get sprayed and some ways are more humane than others. 

At the Nevada Show, Nor Cal Performance Tanning was the event’s tanning company – and I’m going to try to use them whenever I can.  First of all, the stuff Hettie uses doesn’t smell that bad. Secondly, instead of getting layer after layer sprayed on you the evening before, you get one coat as a base and are done in less than 15 minutes. 

The best part is that you can shower the next morning – and can even use soap. Whoohooo!!!!!

You still have to get re-sprayed the next day, but that too is only for 15 minutes.  It was heaven compared to the other shows.

Thanks, Hettie. Your secret formula is the best!