Talk to any Bombshell girl (and most other NPC athletes) and they’ll tell you they eat a lot of asparagus. I’m not talking 3 or 4 spears.  I’m talking a dozen a day (at least).

They’ll tell you how they prepare it, how much they hate it and how they sneak it into their foods (one girl purees it and mashes it into her other foods).  The one thing they can’t tell you is why they eat it.

So I’ve been on the quest on why this is one of the super foods a lot of coaches recommend. 

It turns out they aren’t giving it us as a form of torture.  There is some science behind it.  Apparently, asparagus is a slow-releasing energy food. It helps to normalize blood sugar levels.  It also acts as a powerful stimulant to the liver and kidneys, helping to reduce water retention and bloating – which is way your urine smells after you eat it.

Oh and here’s something I didn’t know….asparagus has also been shown to act mildly as a laxative to help promote regular elimination. Plus, it’s a good source of vitamins C, K, and beta-carotene.

Here’s my top three ways to get my daily dose of asparagus:

1) Raw — I just started eating asparagus raw and I love it.  Who would have thought it would be so good?  Of course, once it’s out of season, I’ll have to come up with antoher way.

2) Grilled – I take my 12 spears, brush olive oil (1 tbsp does them all) over them and then sprinkle pepper and salt.  Grill in the oven until done.  This works great with frozen asparagus — I don’t bother to defrost, but put them in them in the oven frozen.  Also, the oil seems to keep them from getting too fibery.

3) Steamed – I steam (or microwave) the spears and then add them my egg white omelette.