I’m always shocked on how quickly people are ready to judge others.  When I tell them that I’m an NPC Competitor, they automatically think steroids and crazy diet drugs.  Wrong!

When I tell them I’m in the bikini division, then they think bimbo on the beach during Spring Break. Um…Wrong again. I feel like I’m constantly educating people about how we train, the divisions and how the sport works.

Turns out I’m not the only one. The Natural Female Bodybuilding Coilition team wants to help educate women about bodybuilding and women’s physique competitions in an effort to get more women training for the sport.  I totally applaud them for doing this because while I hate the steroetypes about my class, people’s preception of what a woman bodybuilder looks like and how they train is also warped (many times; not always).  They have no idea women bodybuilders come in all shapes and sizes and a girl with muscle can look sexy.


On July 12 they are holding a free workshop at Hyatt Place in Rancho Cordova. Speakers include Chrissy Zmijewski, Michelle Shepard, Trish Wood, Joan Lopez as well as input from Arlene Lurey, Jan Rowlett and Nancy Andrews.

They’ll be discussing:

– Preception of women with muscle

– Training – how to build a muscular, healthy, and eye-pleasing physique

– Diet and Nutritiion for the bodybuilding and life

– Posing, stage presentation and posing routines

– Benefits of competing as a bodybuilder

– Keeping the sport alive

The workshop will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

You can RSVP by emailing nanbefcal@ranchomurieta.org.