People are always surprised that I use an online trainer rather than one that meets with me in the gym every day. But for me, the online version really works. I get to train based on my schedule and I’m probably spending a lot less a month than someone who is paying someone for weekly sessions.


Plus, I really like the online aspect of being part of a team. I follow a lot of the other girls through Facebook so I can see their posts and their photos. It keeps me motivated to get my butt to the gym because I know I’m not the only one working.

I also see the posts about when they fall off the plan and what tempts them. For some reason, I find this inspiring because it proves to me that they are human too. We all will have bad days every once and a while — even the girls that have gone pro. Thank goodness.

I love Team Bombshell, but it may not be right for everyone. The good news is that there are other online trainers out there. You just have to find the one that will help you get your specific goals.

Tips to choosing an online trainer:

1. Make sure the online trainer has experience, the right degrees and has had success.

2. Ask for testimonials and ask to talk to people who are currently training with the trainer.

3. Make sure it’s not a gimmick where you have to buy special drugs or “fat-loss” products

4. See if they can give you a free trial or sample session so you can see if this type of training is for you. Also check into options. Are you committed to a year? Can you sign up for a 3 month test session?

5. Find out what kind of support the online trainer has. Do they really customize the program for you? How do they track your results? How will they keep you motivated?

6. Check with your doctor beforehand if you’ve had any health issues.