bombshell-adI’ve been getting some emails from people thinking about joining Team Bombshell. Yay!! You will love being part of the team. Even if you don’t compete, you’ll love the support your get from all the girls through social media and if you happen to run into any of them at a show or just in your neighborhood.

Plus, Shannon Dey is the best. Really. She is.

At my first show I was so scared, but when the tanning person mentioned Shannon and when on and on about how fabulous she was (without knowing I was a Bombshell), I was suddenly relieved and proud.

One common question I get is — how far in advance do I start training. Well, the “good” answer is that you should start training as far out as possible. However, I’m not always good…and I’m going to warn you that my advice is not be the best advice as I have NOT come in first yet. And here’s why. I really don’t get super serious until 4 weeks out. Yes, I’m a baddie — so I deserve not to win.

However, about 8 weeks out I start following the plan and hitting the gym regularly – but I admit I still cheat a bit eating chocolate and nibbling on stuff here and there (bad, bad, bad). Then four weeks out, I cut out all the bad stuff completely and get serious. Of course, the secret is not to become a fatty in between shows so it’s not like I’m starting from scratch each time. I keep active all year long and try to keep my weight close to my show weight (usually a max of 8 pounds above what I compete at – over Christmas it creeped up to 10 — yikes!!).

BUT if you are training for a show, and want to win, you should start being good farther out. Some girls start 16 weeks out. Others get serious at 8 weeks out. My crazy 4 week schedule is not ideal and not recommended. I’m even trying to get better at being a “Bombshell Angel.”

Like I said, I’m really working hard at being a better Bombshell this year. Also, at every single show that I’m in, once I see the other girls, I wish I would started just one or two weeks earlier so that I would look like them.

So for my first 2013 show, I’m starting 42 days out. So that’s 6 weeks out instead of my normal 4 weeks. Yes, it’s still bad and I should have started even earlier — but it’s all baby steps. However, I did run a half marathon in January and a Ragnar in February so it wasn’t like I was a couch potato all year.

We’ll see if the extra 14 days of being an angel will make a difference. My goal is to make the top five in my first show, but then keep up the good work and do another show in June where I’m hoping to look better.