I love meeting people who are going after their dreams and that’s exactly what Chelsea Good, Logan Williams and Meaghan from Santa Cruz are doing with their new workout line.

Their clothing line not only looks and feels great, but it’s good for the environment.  This is because the fabric is made out of recycled plastic bottles — which is what got my attention.  Clothes from water bottles? Cool!

“The plastic bottles are smashed and shredded and made into the material.  It’s highly wickable and it doesn’t show sweat,” said Chelsea. “The workout shorts and tops feel so light it’s like you aren’t wearing anything at all.”

Their company is called PUSHunderground and their goal is to make the world and workout clothes better, but how they got into this venture is interesting.

“I was a high school history teacher and was passionate about sports,” said Chelsea. “I also come from a family of seamstresses.”

Logan has worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years, and has watched hundreds of people in the gym – and fight with their clothes during their workout.

“I was a personal trainer and nutritionist.  I would see people pulling on their shorts or tugging at their tops during a workout and thought there must be a better way,” said Logan.

The women asked athletes, yoga enthusiasts and everyday gym goers where they needed their clothes to move and where they needed them to stay put. Then they made them —  and they look great.  In fact, I’m curious to put them to the Bombshell training test to see how they feel.


pushundergroundThe clothing line is only one part of Chelsea, Meaghan and Logan’s goal.  They said they didn’t want to make just another pair of shorts or a top, but wanted to come up with a way to make a difference.  You would think having the material made out of recycled water bottles would be enough for them, but it’s not. They want to do even more.

“We want to take on the crisis of clean, safe water,” said Chelsea.

Now that is a big goal.

They told me that every time someone buys something from PUSHunderground, they are going to donate a portion of the proceeds to building wells in water scarce communities around the world.  How nice is that?


Of course, starting a business is expensive which is why the women have set up an Indiegogo account to raise the $10,000 they need to make their dream a reality. In less than 24 hours, they’ve already raised close to $1000 so they just need $9000 more. Yay!!

The good thing is that if you give $9 or more, you’ll get a something from their sportswear line — so it’s not like you are throwing your money away. You’re getting new workout gear!


  • $9 will get you a headband
  • $15 a pair of funky flower power socks
  • $18 for a t-shirt…and so on.

Check out the PUSHunderground Indiegogo page for details.