Currently based in Sacramento, Michelle Ponto is a NPC bikini athlete and the co-writer of Buff Dad: The 4-week fitness game plan for real guys.  She has also written for a number of media companies including CBS News, ABC News, Discovery Channel, The New York Times, and Harlequin. 

In addition to having a BA in Fine Arts (honors), a BA in Communications and a 3 year degree in Accounting/Finance, Michelle has a degree in Fitness Leadership (honors/Deans’s list) and has worked as a certified ACE and CAN-FIT trainer.

VIDEO: Reshaping your body with the Bombshell Workout

VIDEO: Michelle Ponto talks about her bucket list and transforming her life Sacramento & Company in Sacramento


  • 4th Place – 2011 NPC Tahoe Show Bikini Championships (Open)
  • 4th Place – 2011 NPC Tahoe Show Bikini Championships (Masters)
  • 4th Place – 2011 NPC Southern California Championships
  • 5th Place – 2011 NPC Sacramento Bikini Championships

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. You look amazing and I am considering joining Team Bombshell too. Am in my seven day decision time. Your video was nice and more informational than anything else I have found online regarding the team. You took 8 weeks, but were you already in grea shape and low body fat to begin with? Realistically are most people needing longer before being contest ready?

    • Shannon will be able to tell you how long it will take. It may take 12 weeks or even 4 or 5 months. She won’t make you go to a show unless she thinks you are ready — the good news is that every week, you are looking and feeling better. I worked hard for the 8 weeks and tried to stay as consistent to the plan as possible. It was hard breaking my bad habits at the beginning.

      Even then, Shannon warned me that I wouldn’t be the “best” person there, but to go to the show and have fun. She was right. While I looked a lot better than before, the girls who came in the top 3 had been oing it longer, looked amazing and had more confidence. It takes time to build up muscle and re-shape your body, but 8 weeks can make a big difference. Even now I’m still working at improving my muscle tone and seeing small changes in how my clothes are fitting.

      The good part about knowing you have a show in 8 weeks or 16 weeks is that you have a goal and on the hard days, you can tell yourself that you just have to make it a few more weeks.

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