My Training

I’ve been getting lots of emails about my training program.  No, I don’t sit at home and train all day, nor am I independently wealthy — although I wish that was the case.  Like many people, I have a full-time office job where I work 50 to 60 hours a week.

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I don’t work in the fitness industry.  I do have a 3-year degree in fitness training and worked as a personal trainer in my 20s, but I don’t do that anymore. Instead I’m the Director of Interactive News & Social Media for a media company — so I sit on my butt all day long like most business workers. Plus, I’m a freelance writer in my spare time…so more sitting.

I split my training into two sessions a day: an early before work session and a later post-work session.  And when it comes to training for a show, I admit 2 to 3 weeks leading up to the competition, I have no life as I’m in the gym until 10 p.m. every night and then again early in the morning at 6 a.m. But it’s worth it.


I owe everything to Vanessa Campbell and Shannon Dey from Team Bombshell.   You can find them on Facebook at

While they look intimidating as all the girls look fabulous and are professional NPC Competitors, the group is great and super helpful.

Shannon is the founder of Team Bombshell and does these Bombshell Bootcamp weekends in Daytona Beach. These are optional, but it’s good motivation to start your journey. It costs $249 for three days of intense training. I did mine in March 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

The camp is worth every penny if you do decide to go. You learn the exercises and will meet some other women who beginners, too. My weekend group had 8 girls and two of us were over 40 so that made me feel better.We all hurt at the end of the weekend (even the young girls) – which made me feel even better. I guess it’s true that pain loves company.

After that weekend, I signed up for a 1 year online program. It cost me  $99 a month (it is cheaper if you can pay it all upfront). They also have 6 month and 3 month programs, but the shorter programs are more than $99 a month.

If you go to the Team Bombshell Facebook page and leave a message on the wall, Shannon will email you all the information.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a weekly workout and a meal plan emailed to you. The food is all normal food and they don’t make you take any of those muscle-building powders you see in magazines that promise miracle fat loss and lean muscle.  You will have get your NPC bikini body the natural way, by going to the gym and working out. They do recommend vitamins like a multivitamin, iron, and calcium. You also get one cheat meal a week which I totally looked forward to.

Because this is an online training program, every week I take a photo of myself and email it to Shannon so she could see my progress. She sends back tips, advice and sometimes tweaks my workouts and meal plans depending on how my body is responding. Vanessa is also there helping out with workout questions and advice whenever I need it.

Shannon Dey also picked out my first NPC show to compete in. She choose one in San Diego for me to go to that wasn’t too big and then helped me get ready by doing everything from picking out the color of my suit, to what makeup I needed and even how to wear my hair.

For 8 weeks, all I had to do was follow her advice and the plan exactly and I knew I would be okay (although, I did cheat a bit at the beginning). It was hard work, but I felt great and I love how strong I feel now that I’ve been with the program for a few months.


I’m not going to lie to you.  It’s hard.

While Shannon and Vanessa will do everything they can to make sure you have a winning plan, it’s still YOU who will have to go to the gym 5 days a week and make the meals on the plan. It takes dedication as you will be tempted to go out drinking with the girls, eat chips and chocolate when PMSing (or when you had a bad day at work).  You’ll also be tempted to sleep in and skip your workout.

But if this is something you want to do, stick with it. The results are worth it.

Feel free to email me at or Facebook message me.


12 thoughts on “My Training”

  1. Susan Clark said:

    Kind of scared to start..but if I can do it at home …I’ve lost 30 pounds and now need to firm up..I’m 57yrs old…so I would like to see your program to see if it is doable…time is a problem for me…2 months hopefully can do susie clark

    • Congrats on losing 30 pounds!!!

      I was scared to start, too, but I’ve never regretted it. I’m not sure you can do it all the exercises from home as you need a treadmill and some leg machines for leg extensions and stuff, but email Shannon at and let her know about your situation. She may have a solution for you — especially if you just starting out. She can also send you a sample program.

      The weightlifting part of my program usually only takes 30 minutes to do. So I do the cardio in the morning and then the weights at night because I don’t have enough time to do them both together.

      The one thing to remember is that you are never too old to start. I met this one guy in the Tahoe Show who was competing in the senior men’s bodybuilding category. He only started training when he was 60 when he retired. He looked great. I thought he had been doing it all his life!

      You also don’t have to compete. A lot of us use the workout to stay in shape and look toned. Shannon also has special programs for people who are just starting out and are “under construction”. LOL.

  2. Scared here too because I only do home workouts, so joining this team means going to a gym and working out with others, ugh. I can’t go to camp first or for a while, so is starting online only a bad idea?

    • I think if you are keen to start, beginning online can work. Most of the exercises are easy to figure out and if any don’t make sense on the list, Shannon and Vanessa can explain them to you. I went to the camp and occassionally there is something in my workout list that is new and I don’t know what it is. The diet plan you can definitely start without going to the camp. Really for the me, the camp was a way to motivate me to make the decision. I needed to see what they did that was different to get me to commit, but everyone is different.

  3. I wanna join the team. I submitted all my pics and all, which I was accepted. I work out now all the time. I go to tiger schulmann’s MMA for kick boxing which I love n want to cont I only hope I can do both programs.
    You mentioned you need a treadmill. (assuming this is for cardio) I usually go jogging in the fall, spring, and summer months, I can do 3-7 MILES would that work to do for the teams training as well?
    I also know I have to do strength training of course.

    • Hi Mary,

      Sorry, for some reason I missed your comment. The treadmill is used for more than running. Check out the video in this article. You’ll see that I also use the treadmill for squats and lunges. Also, everyone’s body responds differently to exercise. Some girls get to run. Apparently, my butt starts to go flat if I’m running on a flat surface too much. It’s just the way it is. In fact, Shannon always knows when I’m cheating and doing running instead of the special cardio she assigns me.

      The shape of your muscles is what the judges are looking for — so I can’t tell you what will work for you. You might get to run, or you might have to the stair climber, or you might have to do a combination of both. Don’t worry. Shannon will take care of you. The good news is tht if you currently run 3 to 7 miles, then your heart will already be in shape for any other type of cardio.

  4. Beth Hamlin said:

    Signed up for my first competition. Starting to look for meal plans and workouts. I many look into this one. I lost 7% body fat over the last 7 months just hitting the gym and eating healthy. I see muscles I haven’t seen in years. I am a 37 yr old mom, work full time and so excited. So happy to see others succeeding.

  5. lisatexas01 said:

    I am 1.5 months away from turning 50. I am no stranger to the gym or strength training; however, I recently took a new job and have fallen into the working too much and not making it to the gym. Is there a way to join bombshell fitness for the personal training, diet coaching etc without having to go through the actual committee selection with photos ? At this point, I would be embarrassed to be screen by a committee. Is Bombshell Fitness for ? thanks

    • Actually, that might be a question for the Bombshell Team. They just launched different levels (for people who aren’t wanting to compete), but one of the reasons they ask for the photos is to help come up with a workout and diet plan for you — based on where you are right now. Because the coaches can’t see you in person, the photo is the only way to do it. Good news is that you do this by email so you aren’t there when they view them.

  6. Do I need a gym membership or can I do it at home? I belong to crossfit 3 x a week will that work?

    • If you have a lot of equipment at home, you won’t need to go to a gym. But the exercises you will have to do to build your muscles (and have your muscles look) a certain way in order to compete are very specific. In other words, you are going to need to do more than Crossfit — unless you already look like an NPC athlete.

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