The Workout

The most common question I get asked after I tell people that I’m part of Team Bombshell is what kind of exercises do I do to stay in shape. 

While legally, I can’t give you my exact diet and workout plan that Shannon Dey creates for me each week, I did ask Shannon to send me a sample one.  Besides, each girl on the team has their own customized workout and diet plan depending on their fitness goals and how their body is shaping.

You can email Shannon at if you have questions about joining Team Bombshell.


 Monday – LEGS 

 5 x 15 leg extensions


 5 x 20 shoulder width leg press

5 x 15 switch (jump) lunge

 4 x 15 narrow stance squats


4 x 10 each leg walking lunges

Tuesday –  Shoulders/Triceps

 4 x 10 shoulder press


4 x 10 wg barbell raise over your head

4 x 10 rear lateral raise

3 x 8 arnold press


3 x 8 each arm lateral raise

3 x 15 rope pushdowns


3 x 10 db nose crushers

3 x 15 db kick backs


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